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Are You My Mother



Welcome to Erica from America!

This Website originally started as a collection of writings about adoption, swimming and running, Korea, the missionaries in Korea, America, and, well, general life with a capital L.

But as life goes on, so too does the Website. The blog and collection of writings is still here and growing. But there is also news about a soon to be published children’s book, Erica  from America: Swimming from Europe to Africa (click on The Children’s Book to see more), and a short memoir about my trip back to Korea in 2014 to search for my birth family (click on the section “Are Your My Mother?”)

There are also some reviews here and the general blog  which is still about general life with a capital L (funny how that never goes away!). And as time goes on, I am sure (well I hope anyway…) that all of these will spawn more writings and more books. :-)

But most important, I hope you enjoy what you find here!

For all the latest updates, follow me on Twitter, @ericalmoffett; or find me on Facebook at ericafromamerica.com (look for ericafromamericabook); or on Instagram (ericalmoffett).

Or just contact me here: erica@ericafromamerica.com

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