8 September 2012.  I am in the throes of setting up my existence on the Internet thanks to my brother Chris who has come over to do the heavy lifting of getting me set up with a web site, email, spam and spider protection, etc etc. We also have a bottle of No 2 vodka, distilled by Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn, no less! We pour our drinks from Bottle 1012 and it is very smooth and a great complement to the task at hand.

Setting up a new existence is an appropriate way to think about this series of writings since existence has been a constant theme throughout my life: understanding and accepting my existence in the face of not knowing my Korean biological existence and randomly being thrust into an American one. In between these two existences, I was a baby, alone, without a mother and without a family. Someone, I don’t know who it was, named me Sohn Soon and assigned me the number 6998 so I could be adopted from Korea to America.

Tonight, on the Internet, I choose to be Erica from America which I find funny since the picture and history clearly says I am from Korea. Chris and I laugh about the irony of this. But in the end, there is no other place to begin. In res media. Welcome to the paradox of my existence. ELM